Congregational prayers

We hold congregational prayers at specific times, which you can find in our prayer timetable.  These prayers typically take 1015 minutes.

For Fajr, we open the main prayer hall half an hour before the time set for the congregational prayer and close again about 15 minutes after the prayer finishes.

Once the halls open at 10 am, they are available for the rest of the day.

On Fridays, we have two prayers English prayer at 12:15 and Arabic prayer starts at about 1:15 pm.


There are separate prayer facilities during Friday and Taraweeh prayer for men and women: women pray in the first-floor hall, and men in the second-floor hall accessed through the side door entrance.

For busy prayers, such as Jumuah, and Tarawih in Ramadan, we open up many other parts of the building; typically, our congregation is over 1,000, rising to up to 2,000 on the busiest days.


Live Streaming

All our congregational prayers, including the Friday sermons, and additional talks from the main prayer hall, are available on our Youtube channel.  There is also a live video stream on our website and Facebook page.